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Do you feel like you're addicted to food, have binge eating disorder and a food obsession disorder? If so, how do you recover and overcome food addiction?

Have you wondered to yourself:

» why can’t I stop eating and always thinking about food?

» why do I have out of control uncontrollable extreme hunger and overeat and...


Is your relationship with food healthy?

You may be here reading this because you've been wondering:
  • What IS a healthy relationship with food?
  • WHY is it important to have a good relationship with food?
  • Is MY relationship with food unhealthy??
  • How do you trust your body with food?
  • How can I change my mindset about food?
  • How do you trust hunger cues?!

Feeling Hungry All the Time, Even After Eating A Meal? Here's Why..

Do you feel hungry all the time? To where, no matter how much you eat, you never feel full or satisfied anymore?

Have you been wondering why you always feel hungry, even after eating and you feel full?

Do you wonder if you have an "insatiable hunger syndrome" or a "never feel full disorder," because you'll eat and eat and be not...


What role do processed foods have in "food freedom?"

Feeling WORSE after eating healthy and working out?

Well I'm coming to you today to discuss why people's obsession with health is ruining their health and restrictive eating recovery process.

There are a lot of "recovery" approaches out there today, and a lot of people who promote metabolic healing or E.D. recovery, which enable:

  • ...

Reverse Dieting vs Intuitive Eating for Constant Hunger?

Wondering why you're so hungry and/or binge eating after eating healthy, counting calories and working out more?

Thinking about reverse dieting, intuitive eating, trying another meal plan, or something of this nature to try to fix your slow metabolism and curb cravings and constant extreme hunger and binge eating without eating more and...


5 Major Downsides to Intuitive Eating...

Wondering why Intuitive Eating hasn't been working for you?

Do you feel ravenous physical hunger 24/7 + you're always thinking about food and you're confused about it?

Perhaps you've tried intuitive eating but you're so stressed and feel guilty all the time..

And maybe you're at what's considered a normal healthy weight yet you have an...


STORY BEHIND MY BOOK COVER & Is Orthorexia to be taken seriously?

Wondering if Orthorexia a real eating disorder or just a cop out for eating unhealthy and being lazy?

What is the difference between Orthorexia and just eating healthy?

In this video I talk about:

what my take is on orthorexia is,

my orthorexia story,

orthorexia and binge eating,

orthorexia nervosa definition,

how Damn the Diets came...


Not Sure Where Your Weight Set Point Will End Up? ED & Diet Recovery

Have you been wondering:

How to find your body's natural weight set point?

What determines weight set point?

Does your body weight have a set point?

Can your weight set point change?

Can you reset your weight set point?


Then you're in the right place!


In this post I talk about:

the definition of and what the set...


Edema / Water Retention / Swelling - Lasting Longer than a Year in ED/Diet Recovery

Have you thought to yourself:

  • How long should edema / puffiness last in recovery and rehabilitation from caloric restriction?
  • Will the edema go away on its own?
  • Can water retention cause swelling?
  • What causes fluid retention in your body?
  • Do you have kidney failure, heart failure, or is it simply just a normal eating disorder recovery...

“Will I Gain More Weight Eating Processed Foods” in ED/Diet Recovery?

Wondering how to eat when struggling with binge eating, extreme hunger, food obsession and an disordered eating?

In this article let's discuss if you should be eating only whole foods in your recovery or if you should be eating processed foods as well, and why!

Common struggles in recovery around Whole Foods are:

  • they...
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