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Feeling Hungry All the Time, Even After Eating A Meal? Here's Why..

Do you feel hungry all the time? To where, no matter how much you eat, you never feel full or satisfied anymore?

Have you been wondering why you always feel hungry, even after eating and you feel full?

Do you wonder if you have an "insatiable hunger syndrome" or a "never feel full disorder," because you'll eat and eat and be not satisfied after a meal? 

Some words I used to describe this hunger when I suffered from this was:

  • Bottomless pit hunger (or a Mary Poppins Stomach)
  • Ravenous hunger
  • Constant hunger
  • Extreme hunger
  • Hard to manage hunger
  • Never feel satisfied even if physically stuffed hunger
  • Uncontrollable hunger
  • 'Something takes over' hunger
  • 'Once I start I can’t stop eating' hunger
  • 'The food calls my name' hunger

...to name a few.

And perhaps because of this you're wondering:

..."How do I stop being controlled by food?"

..."How do I get self control with food?"

..."Why is food controlling my life?"

..."Is overeating a disease?"

..."What causes addiction to food?"

..."How do I fix my relationship with food?"

AND, on top of this, thoughts about food seem to be taking up so much space in your brain to where you find yourself thinking about food all the time...


What if I told you, you CAN be completely FREE from feeling controlled by food, hungry all the time and from your mind being so focused on food?

I can say 1000% this is NOT too much to ask, because I once felt the EXACT same way, hopeless and guilty for feeling this way..

But found freedom, yes complete victory from this...and it was the exact opposite of what everyone out there says to do..

And in this short article you’re going to learn the most effective way to reprogram your brain around food plus what the truth of "ravenous hunger" causes are.

EVEN IF YOU’VE ALREADY TRIED EVERYTHING without success at this point.

Hey, I’m Kayla, a Holistic Nutritionist and former bikini competitor, and this was once my story.
After cleaning up my diet, and competing in bikini competitions, something shifted..
My brain suddenly became preoccupied with my cravings. and I felt hungry all the time, 24/7, 365.
I would try to hold myself back by distracting myself from my cravings, but it just got harder and harder to manage over the years.
I tried EVERYTHING to fix this,  
-Reverse dieting,
-Intermittent fasting,
-Intuitive Eating,
-Ketogenic / low carb,
-Cheat days,
-HIIT workouts,
-Carb Cycling,
-Meal Plans,
... you get the point...you name it, I tried it.
....but none of the experts advice was working… 
I felt hopeless, guilty, frustrated, weak and down right gluttonous..
But eventually, I found something that worked for me to free myself by approaching food in a completely different way. 
And now I’ve helped countless others around the world, do the same.
There’s no big secret behind it.
When you feel obsessed with food, hungry all the time and never satisfied,
it’s not that you’re the problem...
and that restricting more:
  • carbs,
  • calories,
  • food groups,
  • times to eat,
  • or adhering more tightly to willpower and self discipline, is the solution…
It’s simply because your metabolism is low.
BUT, your metabolism is not broken, your metabolism has just adapted.

Now, the problem is, most approaches out there, aren’t getting to the ROOT of this problem.

They often promote quick fixes, with no long term sustainable solutions. 
This common advice only results in:
  • a thrashed metabolism,
  • food fears,
  • food obsession,
  • binge eating,
  • emotional eating,
  • irregular hormones,
  • no energy,
  • fat storage,
  • water retention,
  • hair loss,
  • low libido,
  • digestive issues,

So the first key to understand is that the metabolism is not JUST the rate at which you burn fat. 
It actually encompasses every metabolic process in your body including:
  • your immune system
  • your reproductive and sex hormones
  • and appetite hormones
And what’s happened is, your metabolic rate has lowered to adapt from an energy imbalance from insufficient dietary habits (aka not enough calories, carbs, fats, consistent eating, etc)... 
And when the metabolism lowers, it also triggers:
  • an imbalance of the nervous system,
  • various hormone adaptations,
  • digestive capacities,
  • and other metabolic processes.
…This bodily process is a survival mechanism designed to compensate for the imbalance of energy intake (calories eaten) and energy expenditure (calories burned).

Your body’s attempt to restore internal homeostasis, is what triggers your hunger (hormone ghrelin) to be HIGH and your satiety factor (or leptin hormone) to be LOW… 

which leaves YOU feeling like your brain is obsessed with food and extremely hungry... 

Now, the way out, is a proper process of nutritional rehabilitation to recover the metabolism and mind. (This is what I help people do to make this shift their reality) 

And once you go through this recovery process:

  • you allow for the metabolism to fully rise,

  • you’ll reprogram your brain response to food

  • and as a result, food will stop controlling you.

The point here is, when you know how to get to the root of your food and metabolic struggles...
...it’s much EASIER than you think:
  • to feel SANE around food,
  • regulate your appetite
  • and reach your healthiest weight.
IT'S not too good to be true, if it happened to me and thousands of my students around the world, it will work for you.
If this resonated with you, you can continue with this by attending my complimentary masterclass where you’re going to learn My Exact 3-step framework, that ANYONE can use, to stop feeling obsessed around food by reprogramming their mind and metabolism. 
You’re also going to learn the top mistakes I've seen EVERYBODY makes in their journey to freedom from food obsession and WHY they'll continue costing you your mental health & metabolic health.
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In this class I'm going to share with you how I went from always hungry, binge eating and eating 10,000 calories a day, to always feeling satisfied after eating.

Plus I'm going to show you step-by-step what you need to do, to finally end your obsession with food, to get your freedom and sanity back, by ending this battle of fighting food, so food no longer feels like your enemy.
...without more food rules and food guilt. 
...and without exhausting yourself with more exercise.
So you can sign up for the masterclass right now by clicking here>
I look forward to helping you!
I’ll see ya there!
To your freedom,
Kayla Rose
Holistic Nutritionist
P.S. You're NOT crazy, you're not just "addicted to food, or addicted to carbs and sugar," you're not weak, this isn't binge eating 'disorder,' and you're not broken - I want to show you another way... the way OUT, for GOOD. 
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