Is your relationship with food healthy?

You may be here reading this because you've been wondering:
  • What IS a healthy relationship with food?
  • WHY is it important to have a good relationship with food?
  • Is MY relationship with food unhealthy??
  • How do you trust your body with food?
  • How can I change my mindset about food?
  • How do you trust hunger cues?! YOUR relationship with food healthy?

Is it promoting good metabolic health and a feeling of ease and satisfaction around eating?

Well, let's look at the common signs of what a healthy relationship with food is so you can identity what you may need to fix if you have an unhealthy relationship with food. πŸ‘‡

  • working WITH your body (the body's wisdom, cue's, instincts etc) rather than being in an ongoing battle of fighting, forcing, and ignoring your body. You don't have to fight and force your body somewhere, if it happened, it happened naturally with ease.
  • being in a healthy mentality to truly discern when it's best for you to choose more "nutritious wholesome" foods or when to choose more "processed" foods. And looking within for the answers, rather than going to google for your answer, trusting your body's instincts and trusting that you know what's best for you.
  • seeing food as nourishment, energy, health, and strength, rather than with fears and anxieties. And realizing that restricting your body of nourishment is a form of disrespect, whereas now you have major respect knowing how intelligent & wise your body is.
  • your focus has shifted from how you look to how you feel. (ie you're happy and sane not hungry and obsessed) Your priority is quality of life and your health, over a jean size or number on the scale.
  • your brain is free from the preoccupation of exhausting thoughts about food and your weight and is instead focused on enjoying food, connection, health, love, experiences, memories, purpose, presence, business, travel & whatever's important to you.


  • You feel freedom and ease rather than shame or guilt when you eat certain foods or eat more than you feel you feel you "should"
  • recognizing that food is a blessing to be enjoyed and savored, while also realizing it shouldn't be the central focus and the entirety of your life.

What would you define for yourself as the success metric for knowing you have a healthy relationship with food again?
What are you aiming for?

And this is why the "cut this, eat this, and only at these times and in these amounts" approaches are failing us as a society and culture.
Eating, health, exercise, body image all include taking into consideration many different factors: metabolically, mentally, seasonally, etc. Yet we’ve shrunk the concept of eating down to:⁣
"Don't overeat it."
"Track it."⁣
"Never eat foods from this list."⁣
"Earn it or burn it."⁣
"force yourself to do XYZ."
"don't eat at these times."
"eliminate more foods."
"here's a "hack" or "tip" to work around your body."
These methods sell because they promote quick fixes, focus on the short term not the long term and seem "easy."

And even with hundreds of new "methods" popping up every year, they're all focusing on the same surface level "wins" and is exactly why no matter what new name it's labeled with, nothing has changed in this industry since it was born.

For the most part, we're worse off because of all the conflicting messages and the confusion it causes people.

They're doubting themselves and don't know what do or who to trust anymore.
If you want a totally different feeling around food, you need to do something radically different from what's commonly taught.⁣

You have to approach food in a completely different way.

πŸ‘‰If you want to stop feeling hungry all the time, you need to stop doing all the things that make you hungrier.

πŸ‘‰If you want to feel good in your body, you need to change the way you relate to your body and how you view food.⁣

πŸ‘‰If you want to truly feel healthy and you've tried all the things, you need to change how you're defining health.
πŸ‘‰If you want to stop obsessing about food rules, you need to stop signing up for more food rules to follow.⁣

This is no longer a matter of willpower, abstinence, or just “feeling your feelings” instead of eating, that is the old way. 

And trying to get a different result with the same methods (with a new label)​​, will only
ever continue to stimulate over eating, weight gain and a negative impact on our health.

The new way is first going through a diet recovery process and eating without restriction and recovering your mind to heal from the damage of all these fad diet trends, which helps decrease hunger and obsessive food thoughts and raise your basal metabolic rate​​.
To learn more about how to make this shift your reality, be sure to save your seat for my next viewing of my masterclass, "4 Step Framework To Stop Feeling Obsessed Around Food"
See you there!
Kayla Rose
Holistic Nutritionist
Creator of The Find Your Balance System

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