The secret to finding TRUE freedom from food obsession..

We're going to talk about what exactly is missing in most peoples mindsets and approaches towards diet recovery that prevents people from:

  • starting and/or sticking with recovery,
  • why you end up feeling tempted and wanting to dabble in restrictive eating (even when you FEEL so much better in so many ways)
  • And how to create a recovery...

What role do processed foods have in "food freedom?"

I'm coming to you today to discuss why people's obsession with health is ruining their health and restrictive eating recovery process.

There are a lot of "recovery" approaches out there today, and a lot of people who promote metabolic healing or E.D. recovery, which enable:

  • being vegan, be HCLF vegan,
  • or non-vegan but whole foods...

The WORST Approaches for Healing the Metabolism and Managing Hunger

I want to talk about a lot of the common ways people are trying to manage their "hunger" and control their weight gain after restrictive diets or periods of food control in any way.

-reverse dieting (which is the attempt at slowly increasing your food intake after a calorie-restricted diet, for example, by 100-200 calories per week, or...


5 Major Downsides to Intuitive Eating

I'm excited to talk to you today. I get this question ALL the time!

I want you to walk away with a better understanding of some significant downsides you want to avoid around intuitive eating in regards to binge eating, extreme hunger, and food obsession or mental hunger.

I've worked with many people who end up stressed and confused when...


STORY BEHIND MY BOOK COVER - Is Orthorexia to be taken seriously?

Hey everybody :) Welcome back!

I've had many discussions with other people behind the scenes about why I picked the photo on my book, for the cover of my book. Because some people have said, "Why did you pick that photo? That might be triggering for some people."

And I get that, and I've considered changing it, but at the same time, I don't...


Not Sure Where Your Weight Set Point Will End Up? ED & Diet Recovery

Today I want to talk about briefly, the set weight point theory just to touch up on that!

And also, I've been hearing a lot of people talking about how they don't necessarily know their set point weight, and they're wondering if that has an effect on if they can get back to their set weight point.

For people that have dieted maybe their whole...


Thirst Cues VS Hunger Cues - How Much Water Should You Be Drinking? ED / Orthorexia Recovery

If you've been watching my youtube videos/reading my blogs, we've been talking about food and hunger cues, but what about water and thirst cues, right?

And I've got quite a few questions on this recently like, "How should I approach water? Should it be the same as food? How much water did you drink in recovery? How much water should I be...


Emotional Outpour and Overwhelm in ED/Diet Recovery?

Hey, everyone. Kayla here, thanks for joining me today. :)

I've had so many people recently bring this up, I had to write about it finally... that is - feeling like an emotional wreck or just a general overwhelming feeling of emotions in recovery.

Most people will go through this at some point in their recovery.

And it's not like at this...


Coronavirus CVOID19 and Your ED Recovery

Hey, everyone. Kayla here, welcome back to another post. :)

Weird times right now, right? Especially to be in recovery. So, I thought it would probably be good to touch on some of the things that I've been reflecting about, and how this time can affect recovery, and how this time can be a period of growth.


I don't know where you're at in...


Edema / Water Retention / Swelling - Lasting Longer than a Year in ED/Diet Recovery

Hey, everyone. Kayla here with Damn the Diets :)

Thanks for joining me for another post today.

Today I want to talk about edema, water retention, puffiness, swelling in diet recovery once more!

I wanted to bring it up to clear up a couple of things just from my point of view because I know that there's been some confusion for some people...

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