Want to really know how to stop the constant food thoughts and feeling crazy around food – truly and sustainably, that nobody talks about?

I’m the author of “Damn the Diets” and founder of damnthediets.com.. Binge eating recovery is only the beginning of what we’ll learn here..

After almost a decade suffering as a [miserable] bikini competitor, yo-yo dieter, bulimic, orthorexic [clean eating freak], and extreme exercise addict, in which I absolutely ruined my physical and mental health, I managed to gain my life back – plus more!

Now, I’m here to help YOU.

It’s not too late for you, you’re not crazy, you’re not “addicted” to food, you don’t have binge eating disorder, you’re not “broken” – you need to eat and get back to normalcy around food and body image.

I’m a rebel Holistic Nutritionist who’s sick of women and men suffering from restrictive diets and physical/mental decline, caused by shame around unrealistic and unsustainable diet culture and beauty standard demands.

I want to help guide you back to finding your true identity and your value, beyond eating “perfectly” and looking a certain way.

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Non-judgmental and Safe Environment & Support

Going through recovery alone can be a scary, confusing, and lonely journey. It’s can be imperative to find support from someone who understands, who's been through the process and/or who you can connect with along your journey. My resources and other recovery resources set the stage for getting on the right path to healing.

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Healthy Relationships With Food, Exercise, Your Body & Exercise

Learn how to listen to and redevelop trust around your bodies cravings, cues, and “weight set point.” Reprogram your thought process to accept your body instead of shame and degrade your body and food choices. 

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Guidance, Insight, Tricks, & Tips
Learn from all the struggles, upsets, suffering, and research I went through, as well as others I’ve learned from, to get a well rounded and balanced guide to walk you through the process. I’ve made every material and service in hopes to help someone like you.
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Knowing "Too Much" About Nutrition
With all the overwhelming opposing information out there today about diets and nutrition, we can drive ourself into our grave..literally. Learn to let go of the food fears and diet restrictions; let go of what you’ve learned to be true in order to find the answers you've been seeking - the truth in what your body needs.
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Intuitive Exercise and True Health Freedom
Let go of the toxic control, in order to gain healthy control back over your life, eating, exercise, thoughts, and emotions. Embrace true freedom and what health can feel like when you feed your body and rest, on your bodies terms.
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Take Ownership; Take Action
The first step to recovery, is admitting there’s a problem within your restrictive or obsessive routine, and coming out of denial. The next is commitment to take responsibility and take actions towards changing these negative habits, beliefs, and behaviors.


Forget the restrictive diets and trendy lifestyles, and find your way back to what YOU really want to eat. Find what works for you and go with it. Let go of the limiting beliefs that have been stealing your life, health, freedom, libido, and sanity.

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Rest & Repeat. Quit the obsessive and excessive exercise regimes and eventually find an activity to move your body you actually could enjoy infinitely. However, whilst in the beginning of recovery, exercise should be stopped altogether.


Stop the body pinching/ mirror body checks, weighing/ measuring foods, calculating and tracking calories and macronutrients in your head or on aps, fasting/cleansing, cutting out food groups, tweaking the diet to be low in anything (low-fat, low-carb, low-sugar), etc.

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