Eating Disorder Recovery Sucks… But It’s So Worth It

Uncategorized Mar 06, 2020

I had the privilege to speak with Robyn Baker on her podcast “Recovery Sucks But It’s So Worth It!”


In this podcast we discuss…

• What physically sucked about her eating disorder recovery? (i.e. Edema, accepting weight gain, digestive distress, etc)

• The truth about “yo-yo recovery”

• Her turning point when she went “all in” to recovery

• What keeps her motivated to keep moving forward

• Her honest discussion about edema during the early stages of recovery and how it made her feel completely out of control and disappointed in herself

• The crazy-making messages your ED screams when you feel good after eating and how to move through this

• Her unconventional path of recovery and the unlikely place she found support

• The dreaded, “you look so healthy”, remark

• Advice and encouragement if you’re going through GI distress during your recovery

• The role of social media in the recovery process


Words of Wisdom…

“Once you start to do some self reflection- what is ED giving me and what is it taking away” This, she says, is the starting point.  

“The decision to recover is an individual process.”

The body is forgiving if you give it an opportunity: “All that I’ve gotten in return from my body now is what helps to love and appreciate my body in a world that tells me not to.”

“Be patient and learn what’s going on physically with your body.”

“Challenge your old ways of thinking – there is no way around recovery. You cannot speed it up or control most of what’s going on.”

“Love who you really are instead of thinking our body will give us a sense of belonging and purpose – there are more meaningful things in life.”


Find Robyn on Instagram: @asteyafitness





In this podcast, Tabitha chats to Kayla Kotecki about her path to recovery, and the story behind

We talk about:

  • unrestricted eating
  • diet culture
  • obsessive and compulsive exercise
  • bikini contest culture
  • social pressures to lose weight and exercise
  • extreme hunger

Learn more about Tabitha at





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