Are you a perfectionist..?

Uncategorized Mar 06, 2020

Why do we have to make things so complicated?!


Sometimes I think we're better off not knowing MORE about the science of nutrition, but knowing less and sticking to the simplicity of our intuition and “gut feeling” (pun indubitably intended)…


  • We wouldn't neurotically contemplate the oceans of confusing and contradicting information out there today. 
  • We wouldn’t try to figure it all out with only our logic and reason, in which it makes us feel the need to “cut out or add in” this or that, based on what we just heard or learned about from an external source. 
  • Which we then follow and implement these things against our bodies wishes and cues; our body doesn't even want or need any of that nonsense to be done! 


It just causes a whole lot of unnecessary stress, that further weakens the already depleted body.


Ignorance could definitely be blissful in this situation; if we weren’t aware, we would be able to trust our body and intuitive sense; these ideas and “findings” wouldn't get in the way of trusting ourselves. 


The impending “informative” thoughts wouldn’t mess things up, cause a headache of overwhelm, and confuse the hell out of us.


I started to open my eyes and realize a lot of the so called health gurus I was following, didn’t even look much better, compared to the average citizen. The average citizen seemed even more happy, calm, and able to be effortlessly “normal” or, less obsessive.


The others looked better because they were just happy living their life without the stressful quest to be “pure” and restricting themselves! 


When I started to listen to my body 100% and tune out the crap (as well as stop comparing to what others were doing), at first, yea, I wanted doughnuts, sugar and more sugar. 


But then, after a while, my body started to want a balance. I no longer was drawn to eating the doughnut, I was offered pizza by family, and said “eh” naw, i’m good, not really craving it today. (what in the heck?! No to doughnuts?! That was unheard of for me, since I could remember…) 


I just wanted a simple sandwich. I just wanted more simple foods. But if a craving came back for doughnuts, I wouldn’t ignore the craving.

And for the record, my daily life consists of both "processed" and whole foods.  So don't get this one mixed up. It's just that over time, your appetite normalizes and balances out over time. Food just becomes food again and eating becomes the simple task that it is.

And what this settles at for you - it looks different to everyone.

But remember.. Recovery, and life in general for that matter, comes in waves, and ups and downs. It is not linear and is not predictable.. You may be feeling consistent, (ie normalized hunger cues, no "bingeing," no edema, tons of energy) and then bam, all the symptoms that were dying down, may flare up again and you're left confused, discouraged and frustrated..


Don't give up. This is the normal with the ebb and flow of recovery and of life.



Kayla Rose

Holistic Nutritionist

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