8 Ways To Beat Body Dysmorphia & Create a Neutral Body Image in ED Recovery

8 Ways To: Deal with Weight Gain in ED/Diet Recovery, Crush Body Dysmorphia & Create a Neutral Body Image


Having a hard time dealing with the weight gain in diet recovery, orthorexia recovery, eating disorder recovery, bulimia recovery, anorexia recovery, substance abuse recovery, WHATEVER, all across the board this is the #1...


WEIGHT GAIN IN ED RECOVERY – How I Dealt With It and How You Can Too!

I’ve gotten several questions on weight gain in recovery that I’d like to address altogether:

One was:

Can you make a video on weight gain in recovery? How you dealt with it and what the process was for you?

Another was:

What was your weight gain like? Did you overshoot then lose or readjust? I’m trying to put my faith in...


When “Being Healthy” Goes Too Far..

You’d think that an obsession with healthy eating would be a good thing.. But for some, it can be quite the opposite. How does healthy eating become an Eating Disorder?

When it becomes an obsession; it takes over our minds and consumes our days. When we’re doing it because we feel guilty if we don’t. 

At first, a lot of us...


What I Ate in Recovery vs How I Eat Now..

I receive messages asking me to share what I ate in recovery vs what I eat now, post-recovery and how it differs. That is, without the extreme hunger, desire to binge, and without restricting foods, calories or times to eat..

So I made a brief video on what it looks like


Keep in mind: I like to keep...


How Would You Spend Your Life, If the Disordered Eating, Body and Exercise Behaviors Were Out of the Picture?

Do you ever think about what you could be doing and accomplishing in life if you weren’t controlled by the fears around food, not being able to have the perfect meal with the cleanest ingredients along a road trip or at the campsite, the anxiety of missing a workout, or missing your 5th meal at a specific set time?


Wouldn’t it...


Are you a perfectionist..?

Why do we have to make things so complicated?!


Sometimes I think we're better off not knowing MORE about the science of nutrition, but knowing less and sticking to the simplicity of our intuition and “gut feeling” (pun indubitably intended)…


  • We wouldn't neurotically contemplate the oceans of confusing and...

Is your weight (or WAIT), preventing you from living fully..?

Are you waiting for everything to be perfect, to finally live your life again?

I kept waiting…

  • …waiting for recovery to be over, AND THEN I could go reconnect with old friends or loved ones.
  • …waiting for the edema and brain fog to pass, AND THEN I could go out into the world again.
  • …waiting for my weight to balance...

Recovery is a balancing act…

Think in terms of balance scales…

Before finding balance, and homeostasis, between each of the scales sides, the scale has to go down on one side, then the other side falls way down and it keeps swaying back and forth until it starts teetering down and eventually balancing out…

This is how the rebalancing and healing of the...

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