Why you keep wanting to go back to that old diet or body.. – Quasi Recovery // Stages of Dietary Grief // Diet Recovery

 I want to address a certain behavior or mindset that seems to happen for a lot of people either early on or mid way through their recovery.

It’s as if the some part of you, (the disordered brainwashed side of you) keeps popping up trying to tempt you to go back to restricting or to go back to your old body size or body aesthetic or...


Should I Be Exercising in ED Recovery?

In the article I’m going to answer a specific question about exercising in recovery as well as my personal experience with exercise in my recovert.

“If I don’t compulsively exercise, do I continue exercising? I haven’t gotten my period back yet but I am in the basketball club in school and I’m not sure whether I...


How to Heal Hypothalamic Amenorrhea (Get Your Period Back!) in ED Recovery

As some of you may know by now at one point during my extreme fitness modeling, competing days and extreme clean eating, my hormones began to go all out of wack, and I lost my period altogether for about 4 years.

After slowly getting out of the extreme fitness and exercise regimes in order to heal my hormones, I tried all sorts of other...


HOLIDAY WEIGHT GAIN & OVER EATING – Why You Do it and How to STOP! // Diet Recovery

A lot of people have so much anxiety around the holidays for fear of the foods, feeling out of control around the food and fear of their waistline changing. They may gain weight easily (think people who say: “I just look at the food and gain weight!”) and then quickly return to a diet to lose it all once holidays are over. I...



A lot of people during their diet recovery, typically gain some [healthy and necessary] weight. And by “some weight” I mean a lot of weight, QUICK, within the first week, and first several months, if not more for some.. It can be so uncomfortable that you may feel 9 months pregnant and bloated all-the-damn-time..

It can be...


“Metabolic Damage – How to HEAL Your “Broken Metabolism” // Diet Recovery

If you feel like your metabolism is doomed, it’s broken, it’s damaged forever, or that you have metabolic damage and you’re afraid it’s too late to fix…

Well, you’re not alone in feeling this, but also know, you can heal the metabolism and get it back to working full speed.

If you’re...


The Truth About Obesity – Will I Become Obese In ED Recovery?

People say “okay Kayla, you say that we must gain some healthy weight if we want to get our life and health back after sacrificing our life and health to maintain abs or to get to a lean tight and so called fit body and that some weight gain is in fact healthy in diet recovery or coming from a past of dieting or restricting foods  and...


Stuck in Quasi-Recovery? The Resource You’ve Been Waiting For… // Eating Disorder Recovery

Have you been wondering…

What’s the difference between those who achieve long-term full recovery from yo-yo dieting, disordered eating and the never ending cycle of weight loss quests…?

They keep their period and they go about their life?

Versus, people who seem to stay stuck for years, yo-yoing between restricting and...


HOW I GAINED & LOST 50+ lbs, Natural & Effortless Weight Loss, Diet Recovery

 So a lot of people have been writing in to me on email or on youtube or Instagram  and are like so I’ve noticed you’ve lost weight since your first videos on youtube over a year ago. You guys are wondering what’s changed?

So I want to do a recap on my recovery journey first. In my other video “how I...


Recovery Chat: Weight Gain, Intuitive Eating, Self Esteem and more w/ Rawritta in ED Recovery

Here are just a few things we talked about in the video below:

How her eating disorder was mostly about control and outside validation. She thought if she could be fit and skinny, she would be “enough” and therefor liked and accepted by her peers.

How she dealt with weight gain and tips on how you can deal with it too in your own...

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