How to Stop Tracking Calories in ED/Diet Recovery

I want to bring up calorie counting… and something that may help you to break this very, very destructive habit. Because it is, and if you’re still calorie counting, then I would highly advise you to make that a priority to overcome this vicious imprisonment.

And I know that for some people, in the beginning of their recovery that...


I Healed my Food Sensitivities and Heartburn without Elimination Diets – & How You can too! // Diet/ED Recovery

Hey everyone, Kayla here, welcome back to another post.

So I keep getting more questions to expand further on how to heal the digestive problems coming from a restrictive past, whether it’s like elimination diets, certain trendy diets, so, ketogenic, paleo, vegan, low carb, low fats, low sugar, gluten free, dairy free, whatever. And...


Undigested Food in Stool, Bloating and Food Allergies from HCLF Vegan & Ketogenic Diets // ED/Diet Recovery

Hey there, Kayla here!

Welcome back for another post. So this week I want to talk a little bit more about digestive issues, but specifically bloating, food allergies / food sensitivities, and stool coming out completely undigested.

I want to talk about this because I know in my experience and my journey, this was a huge problem. I tried to reach...


Emotional Eating Vs Mental Hunger in ED Recovery

Hey everyone. Kayla here. Welcome back to another post! Today I want to talk to you about emotional eating, mental hunger. These kind of go hand-in-hand. Most people’s questions. So let’s talk about those today, okay?

I’m just getting over a cold though, bear with me. If you can tell, I’m a little stuffed up in my nose....


Quasi Recovery & HOW TO GET YOUR PERIOD BACK in ED/Diet Recovery

Today I wanted to talk to you about how to get your period back after years or months of restrictive dieting, over exercising, and just the whole shebang. Okay?

After being in a prolonged caloric deficit, your body has not been able to menstruate properly, because it’s so weak, so depleted.

And your hormones are just imbalanced, and so we...


EDEMA VS FAT + Misunderstanding BODY FAT & it’s ROLE IN OUR HEALTH // ED Recovery

I just got off a call with one of my clients, Anne. Hey Anne

She brought up a good question that I feel like a lot of you may resonate with, or you would probably want to know about too, and that is,

How do you know the difference between fat gain and water retention, or edema, when you’re going through your recovery?”



The last CANDIDA & PARASITES article you’ll need to read, Low Carb Diets?! Diet Recovery

Hey guys Kayla here! Thanks for joining me for another article 

Today I want to share with you briefly my experience with candida, parasites and all sorts of digestive problems, such as (but not limited to):

  • severe bloating (to where I felt 9 months pregnant), 
  • constipation, relying on enemas every day, 
  • food allergies, 
  • ...


Are you one of those people that think to yourself:

“oh my gosh I had so much more energy when I was in active restriction, when I was on some kind of diet, when I was in the midst of my disordered eating, when I was over exercising… why did I seem to have more energy when I was there in a color energy deficit, when I was...


Feeling FATIGUED & LAZY? Should you be doing MORE in your ED recovery?

Today I want to address a question I got from a viewer, so let’s just get right into it okay? 

She wrote:

“Firstly I just want to say thank you so much for all your videos and blogs you have no idea how much they help me have your book as well and I feel that your journey really resonates with me so thank you for...


Will your OVERSHOOT WEIGHT go down soon in ED Recovery??

I want to go over a topic I hear a lot about in the recovery community. This topic in specific was a comment on one of my other videos “will I become obese” on youtube and so I wanted to read it to you first and then I want to address it because I don’t want my message to be misunderstood and I could see totally...
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