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Undigested Food in Stool, Bloating and Food Allergies from HCLF Vegan & Ketogenic Diets // ED/Diet Recovery

Suffering from undigested food in stool, bloating, digestive issues, food allergies / intolerances / sensitivities and wondering what the causes are?

Have you tried EVERYTHING, without any success?

Or worse... it's gotten worse?

If you want to know:

how to heal food allergies,

why you're unable to digest food,

why you're constipated or...


Emotional Eating Vs Mental Hunger in ED / Diet Recovery

Are you wondering if there a difference between mental hunger and emotional eating?

Are you confused around mental hunger and find yourself asking:

should I respond to and follow mental hunger,

what is mental hunger?

how to stop mental hunger?

is mental hunger normal?

am I just addicted to food?

why does my brain feel so...


Quasi Recovery & HOW TO GET YOUR PERIOD BACK in ED/Diet Recovery

Today I wanted to talk to you about how to get your period back after years or months of restrictive dieting, over exercising, and just the whole shebang. Okay?

After being in a prolonged caloric deficit, your body has not been able to menstruate properly, because it’s so weak, so depleted.

And your hormones are just imbalanced, and so we...


EDEMA VS FAT + Misunderstanding BODY FAT & it’s ROLE IN OUR HEALTH // ED Recovery


How do you know the difference between fat gain and water retention, or edema, when you’re going through your recovery?”

Well, that's what we're going to dive into in this article!

As many of you may know, in my recovery, the edema and water retention I faced was one of  the biggest concerns I had in my recovery.



The last CANDIDA & PARASITES article you’ll need to read, Low Carb Diets?! Diet Recovery

Hello Welcome!

Struggling with Candida even after trying EVERYTHING without relief?

Want to finally heal your digestion, stomach, overgrowth and gut and know how to help and improve digestion, bloating and mysterious gut infections, once and for all?

Are you looking for answers on:

how to get rid of candida overgrowth, yeast and gut...



Are you one of those people that think to yourself:

“oh my gosh I had so much more energy when I was in active restriction, when I was on some kind of diet, when I was in the midst of my disordered eating, when I was over exercising… why did I seem to have more energy when I was there in a color energy deficit, when I was...


Feeling FATIGUED & LAZY? Should you be doing MORE in your ED recovery?

Today I want to address a question I got from a viewer, so let’s just get right into it okay? 

She wrote:

“Firstly I just want to say thank you so much for all your videos and blogs you have no idea how much they help me have your book as well and I feel that your journey really resonates with me so thank you for...


Will your OVERSHOOT WEIGHT go down soon in ED Recovery??

Wondering about overshoot in diet / ed recovery?

Have you been asking yourself:

  •  How long does overshoot weight last and how long does it take to lose overshoot weight and go down?
  •  Can you permanently raise your set weight point from dieting?
  •  What is overshoot weight and why did I gain so much weight in recovery?
  •  How long...

Why you keep wanting to go back to that old diet or body.. – Quasi Recovery // Stages of Dietary Grief // Diet Recovery

 I want to address a certain behavior or mindset that seems to happen for a lot of people either early on or mid way through their recovery.

It’s as if the some part of you, (the disordered brainwashed side of you) keeps popping up trying to tempt you to go back to restricting or to go back to your old body size or body aesthetic or...


Should I Be Exercising in ED Recovery?

In the article I’m going to answer a specific question about exercising in recovery as well as my personal experience with exercise in my recovert.

“If I don’t compulsively exercise, do I continue exercising? I haven’t gotten my period back yet but I am in the basketball club in school and I’m not sure whether I...


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