It’s that time of year again…New Year, Same ED Recovery Method!

Hey everyone, welcome back to my blog in 2020!

I know that this time of year can maybe be a little bit difficult, maybe challenging, especially when you’re in recovery, and you’re trying to challenge all these diet lies, and diet culture, and beauty culture, and trying to gain weight for whatever reason, to recover, trying to...


“Will I Gain More Weight Eating Processed Foods” in ED/Diet Recovery?

Snickers, they can be the best protein bars.

That’s actually what I want to talk to you about today!

I keep hearing a lot of people talk about how they “should” be eating more whole foods in their recovery, or they haven’t yet incorporated processed foods into their recovery yet because they have this huge fear that if...


No Extreme Hunger // Lack of Physical Appetite in ED Recovery?

Are you facing no physical extreme hunger, no appetite, no physical hunger when you’re coming from a past of an energy deficit of any kind?

You guys have heard me talk a lot about extreme physical hunger, but not a lot about the absence of hunger. Some of you guys have been asking on other posts/videos like, “What if I don’t...


Thermodynamics – Are all calories equal? Eat less & Exercise more?

Today I want to talk about the “law” of thermodynamics!

I’ve been seeing a couple of different comments from people that aren’t subscribed that just stumbled upon my videos on youtube and they want to fight me with my approach with thermodynamics. 

Okay…I understand thermodynamics. And I understand the...


“I’m not “Underweight”… Do I deserve to eat & recover from an Eating Disorder??”

There’s a lot of misinformation out there about disordered eating or eating disorders or an unhealthy relationship around food or your body and exercise.

There’s a lot of people thinking,

  • “I never was in starvation.”
  • Or, “I have issues around food in my body and exercise, but I don’t have an eating...

My Clean Eating went too far.. Knowing Too Much About Nutrition: Orthorexia/ED Recovery

I was just thinking to myself and about my past with orthorexia, and it just came to me..It’s the topic of getting to a point where you know too much about nutrition.

A lot of us get into “nutrition studies and research” because we’re inspired by wanting to be more healthy, so we start researching more about nutrition,...


Nausea & Stomach Issues During ED/Diet Recovery

Welcome back to the Damn the Diets blog

I've talked a lot about digestive problems in other videos. I'm not going to get too much into detail with that stuff, so if you want to hear more about that, go check out those other videos. But what I continue to hear coming up is questions about nausea and recovery.

Now, there are different kinds of...


What I Eat Now Vs What I Ate In ED Recovery (Post Orthorexia)

Kayla here

I want to do a what I eat in a day blog and I know I’ve talked about how I don’t really like these typically, but there’s a reason why I want to do this.

So, I was just thinking about how in my recovery, at one point, you know what really helped me is to be around people that were just normal eaters. I was able to...



Hey there, Kayla here

Today I want to answer a question and I’ve been wanting to talk about this topic anyways. So this question came in and reminded me that I wanted to talk about this.

So this was from Sydney. Sydney was saying, “Hey Kayla. In the near future, could you do a video on exercise after recovery and what you...


Should You be eating 2,000 or 10,000 calories in Bulimia ED Recovery

Hey everyone Kayla here!

I’m going to answer a question that I got that I think some of you might resonate with. I talk about it a lot on my channel here, but maybe this will clear some things up for you guys as well.
I’ll keep it anonymous. What she was saying, “I’m 29 Canadian and work in long term care helping...

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