Is your weight (or WAIT), preventing you from living fully..?

Uncategorized Mar 06, 2020

Are you waiting for everything to be perfect, to finally live your life again?

I kept waiting…

  • …waiting for recovery to be over, AND THEN I could go reconnect with old friends or loved ones.
  • …waiting for the edema and brain fog to pass, AND THEN I could go out into the world again.
  • …waiting for my weight to balance out and redistribute, AND THEN I could date again and be intimate.
  • …waiting for my acne to clear up, AND THEN I could go out into the public.
  • …waiting for my weight to drop, AND THEN I could go shopping for cute clothes again.
  • …waiting to be in a relationship, AND THEN I could wear my sexy underwear and bras again.

Does any of this sound like you??

If you keep waiting until “the right timing” or “when you feel ready” you’ll find yourself turning 80 years young, and you realize all of life just passed you by.

You’ll feel full of regret because you never swallowed your pride and said yes to the opportunities that presented themselves to you.

You said no because you just wanted this “one thing” to be in place before you could say yes to a good time out, or to pursue that dream of yours.

You’ll never feel ready; you honestly just have to face the fear, whether its fear of judgment, rejection, insecurity, disappointment, etc., and do it despite everything thats screaming at you to, WAIT!!

Do it.


Go out there, and get it over with.


Kayla Rose

Holistic Nutritionist

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