How the Heck to Heal From Laxative/Enema Abuse in ED / Diet Recovery??

Uncategorized Mar 06, 2020

As requested by a couple of you for some time now, I finally put together a video about healing your bowels after laxative/enema abuse, on youtube for you! Check it out by clicking Here!

Dealing with digestive troubles, depending on daily enemas, abusing all kinds of laxative supplements – whether “all natural” herbal types or pharmaceutical grade, I came to rely on these things to have a bowel movement, as well as “to cleanse out the toxic foods, or candida or whatever bullshit trend I was in at the time – and this went on for years, almost a decade..

Throughout the different kinds of “clean eating” trends I embarked on over those years just prior to enduring recovery, having a solid bowel movement was always a huge concern of mine.

Whether it was having a bowel obstruction and almost having to go into surgery after the bikini competitions and fitness photoshoot preps, or going weeks without a bowel movement on my own during my Raw Vegan/Detoxification/Fasting/Cleansing escapade, or fluctuating between constipation and diarrhea when trying other so called “healing diets” such as Paleo, GAPS, Ketogenic, HCLF, Low Oxalate, Juicing, Vegan, you name it diets, I always was seeking a diet to give me consistent bowel movements without having to take herbs, enemas or other laxative drugs..


Luckily I can honestly say now, and after entering diet recovery, that I have consistent bowel movements!

That is unless, of course, I get into super stressful periods of times, or events, or travels. As well as if I’m sleep deprived, dehydrated, I don’t stretch or move my body or for some reason I don’t eat a balance of all food groups, no restrictions, all macronutrients and enough of it all, then I’m good to go!

And I’m talking I have to keep and maintain a balance of all foods: starch, oil, sugar, salt, breads, dairy, meat, fruit, not following food combining rules, drinking water/liquids with my meals, eating when i’m hungry and stopping when i’m satisfied, listening and honoring my cravings, not fearing food, not being stressed at meal times, not having anxiety attacks about the ingredients and sourcing… you name it!

It brought tears to my eyes in the beginning of recovery when I could finally have bowel movements on my own and didn’t have to waste hours of my day lying on the bathroom floor taking enema after enema.. or spending hundreds of dollars on supplements that didn’t even work or help my situation..

Gaining this alone, was worth going through anything that diet recovery had in store for me, no questions asked..

I hope you can take some of what’s worked for me and find what works for you in your recovery journey!

Because remember, each of our journeys are completely unique to our own, so what works for one person may not work for you! Take responsibility for your recovery. Seek guidance and support from those who are recovered, but remember at the end of the day, you have to be the one that takes action for yourself, staying true to yourself and knowing what’s best for you and your body.



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xx Kayla Rose


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