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Have you ever heard this quote in the fitspo or weight loss community??

The reality is: being unnaturally skinny or lean does not even FEEL GOOD if you had to restrict, starve or deprive yourself to get to that body fat %.. .

The reality is: you’ll feel miserable mentally and physically…

So this quote doesn’t even make sense.. .

it was created to make us believe in the facade that – once we got to a certain weight or body aesthetic, that we’d finally feel “happy”…

That being skinny makes us feel good… so we never have to look within, or question why we’re unhappy or have low self esteem in the first place..

So if we feel shitty, and we get skinny, without ever doing the internal work, we’ll arrive at that new Body with the same shitty feeling, and often times EVEN WORSE than before..

Why? because now our body dysmorphia is amplified from our obsessive focus on our weight, appearance and looks and nothing’s ever good enough.. .. This makes us believe that we’re not “good enough or worthy” to feel good, unless we’re skinny.. HA. Bullshit. .

and we’ve based all our self worth and identity on how we look, rather than what really matters or what will really make us feel content, worthy and happy..

You have to do the internal work and create your own happiness to ever even appreciate your body and feel good – whether big or little. .

On another note: Quit lying to yourself about how you don’t want pizza and desert… because deep down we love pizza and sweets lol that’s why we try to recreate the real deal with all these protein powder, low carb, gluten free, raw vegan substitutes… but they just won’t cut it for our body and minds wants and NEEDS..

you’d be better off just having some real pizza or donuts every so often, so to prevent deprivation, bingeing and food controlling you.


Kayla Rose

Holistic Nutritionist

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