Fitspo Binge-Purge Cycle - Diet Recovery

Uncategorized Mar 09, 2020

Back in 2012, I posted my first ever “fitspo” post on social media – to share with the world my new found *innocent* “passion” for health and fitness.. 😅

*Oh what I wish I would’ve known that I do now, back then*..

I wish I would’ve known about all the detrimental side effects I was about to experience as a side effect  of embarking on my first “clean eating” diet and ramping up the weight lifting..

All to get a six pack, to be a bit leaner, and to just be healthy and fit..or so I thought..


Dieting, meal plans, fitness competitions, 30 day challenges, detox’s — they never told me I’d lose my period, lose my hair, lose my personality/identity, my freedom, my digestion, my metabolism, my satiety, my sanity, my sleep..

no one ever talks about the bad things that could happen from just restricting a bit here and there..

But I kept pushing — cutting more and more foods, and exercising more and more.. hating myself and my body..nothing was ever good enough..

I soon started to feel crazy around food.. I could no longer maintain my “willpower” for longer than a week..

I remember feeling so frustrated and confused with myself, uncontrollably bingeing after my fitness competitions and photoshoots.. I thought I was a glutton, a failure and that I was weak..

Of course I have no regrets..

But what I DO HAVE, is a burning passion to now spread awareness about the dysfunction within the health and fitness industry, so others don’t have to learn in this horrific way I, and thousands of other women and men, all to often have been *accidentally* learning..



Losing our health to near fatality in order to wake us up, and force us to find our way back to normality, balance and freedom..

Luckily, after years of thorough research, ineffective diet tweaks and lifestyle changes, I found the true root of it all..

I realized why, what I was doing the whole time, no matter what I tried, was only making things worse..

Diets don’t work, they never will.

When we stop trying to control food and our bodies, food stops controlling us.

Read more about my story and what you can do to recover like I did in my book: “damn the diets”


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