Edema, Water Retention and Bloating In ED / Diet Recovery

Uncategorized Mar 06, 2020

EDEMA in Recovery.. swollen face in recovery, swollen tight ankles and knees, swollen bloated belly, all forms of edema and water retention in recovery is what I want to talk about today.

Photo on the left is me super swollen, puffy and miserable within recovery. I weighed the same, if not even a bit more on the right, but it was because of all the water retention during recovery that made me look and feel swollen. 

This edema happened after being raw vegan, water fasting and extended juice fasting in efforts to try to cleanse, detox and be “pure;” it happened after stopping the purity quest of clean eating, quitting the diets, restrictions, purging and over exercising.. hmmm… trying to be too healthy, can often end up in taking away our health and vitality. .

I’m talking about the Edema that hurts. It aches, it makes you look and feel pregnant, and makes your eyes and face look puffy. I had such horrible edema that it was too painful to even stand or walk on my feet. I couldn’t even bend or cross my legs without them feeling as if they would burst and explode. It was a swollen achy feeling but was severely uncomfortable. .


If you are or have yet to face edema or water retention in the face after , as well as literally all over your body, just know Edema is an important part to recovery, although it can be scary, uncomfortable, painful, annoying, and make you feel not so beautiful. It should not be feared nor suppressed. Embrace it; it will go away. .

One of the main reasons we retain water and gain real meat and fat on you, on less than optimal amounts of food intake is because your metabolism is suppressed! But, don’t think your metabolism is ruined and broken. This is a survival mechanism your metabolism has adapted to keep you alive during semi- and full on- starvation bouts. The metabolism slows down to extract any bit of nutrition it can from the scarce calories coming in and stores it as fat for the famine and potential future famine. .

Edema also helps speed up recovery, as it sets up for a slippery medium to transport nutrients to the damaged and depleted cells and tissues more rapidly and efficiently. .

Your body does not care about vanity within recovery; it cares about survival. .


The best thing for edema and body aches, is literally complete rest! Complete: no exercise, not even walks perhaps light stretching but that’s it if feel you want something… but rest as in bed rest if you have to… adding back in exercise will only prolong this process.

The thing with edema is, the more you try to suppress, the longer it will last! It’s there for healing purposes and conservation measures in your recovery! Instead rest with elevated feet will be your best bet at beating this! 


Kayla Rose

Holistic Nutritionist

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