How to Heal Hypothalamic Amenorrhea (Get Your Period Back!) in ED Recovery

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As some of you may know by now at one point during my extreme fitness modeling, competing days and extreme clean eating, my hormones began to go all out of wack, and I lost my period altogether for about 4 years.

After slowly getting out of the extreme fitness and exercise regimes in order to heal my hormones, I tried all sorts of other “healing diets” out there to heal my body, but the period remained absent and my hair continued to fall out, my body temperature remained low, my metabolism was low and my digestive issues, bloating and food allergies got worse and worse..

The healthier I tried to be, the worse my health declined.

I tried both western and eastern modalities to try to heal myself – so medications from the doctors and then supplements and other natural alternatives..but then  saying fuck that at one point after nothing was helping and after seriously trying every kind of alternative healing protocol out there I can’t even begin to name all of them, but probably if you name it, I tried it, I tried all sorts of crazy things to try to heal me. From 10 day water fasting and coconut oil fasting to spending thousands on medications and and supplements.

After 4 years of not having my period right before I found diet recovery, I got my hormones tested once again and the doctor told me he thought I was going into pre-menopause in my 20’s!

And wanted to put me back on hormones (after I was on birth control from the age of 14 until 19) and I just didn’t want to go back on birth control or follow hormone replacement therapy at all because all the birth controls I took made me feel crazy before mentally and emotionally and made my physical body not feel well either!

So I carried on with hopes that I’d finally find something… fast forward several months later I fell into a bingeing episode (after not bingeing or purging for about 4 years after the fitness prepping and extreme dieting and exercising) of bingeing on 10,000 calories a day, for a few months on lots of starch and fats  like jars of peanut butter and loafs of bread and gallons of ice cream and all the foods I had been cutting for my clean strict diets for almost a decade.

And after a few months of just saying fuck it, because I couldn’t take it any longer my body took over and I couldn’t control myself around food anymore so I allowed it because I was at a point of no hope anyway…

…and low and behold, a few months in, my body temperature began to rise, I started having hot flashes and night sweats every night for weeks, my nipples becoming slightly sore and a few weeks later or so, I couldn’t believe it, my period returned!

So that’s my story in short, I talk about my story more in depth in my book HERE

I’ve now been able to help hundreds of other women get their period back and slowly heal their hormones metabolism and digestion as well.


When balancing your hormones, getting your period back, raising your metabolism and things of this nature, (which they are all interconnected so all systems need to heal and work in harmony again together, and this will happen – the healing will occur in all systems as you go through nutritional rehabilitation and nourish your body in diet recovery) You need to focus on not restricting or going on any diets again that leave you feeling deprived and malnourished.

The best thing you can do is eat both starchy carbs, so potatoes, bread, oatmeal things like these and also fats, both saturated and poly- and mono- unsaturated as well as cholesterol will be crucial in cell regeneration and production and hormone production. So eggs, avocado, peanut butter  and oils especially olive oil, coconut oil, butter.

There’s a reason you’re probably extremely craving or bingeing on jars of peanut butter or loads of starchy carbohydrates..

Because those are needed by the body to restore and heal the balance and homeostasis.

They all play a unique roll in the healing process.

That goes for proteins as well, lets not forget proteins, and from all kinds of sources – animal protein is super beneficial and bioavailable in healing and nourishing in recovery as well as plant based protein, so again eggs, meats, nut butters, tofu, tempeh, etc. 

I noticed way more healing with high starch, high fat and high protein – in other words a “high-everything diet.” No compensating or low this or low that diets.

And if you don’t have your period back, you need to be eating more in general, so whatever you’re eating now. Double that. Seriously. People in the diet restrictive mindset and counting measuring calculating habits, they need to get out of that OCD, fearful, controlling behavior and get rid of the measuring spoons and cups and scales and just eyeball their food.

So double the bread and double the spread.

I also recommend getting high quality dairy, so grass fed and humanely raised when possible, but don’t stress about it if you can’t get access to grass fed organic because then this is counterintuitive and you’ll be creating the stress you’re trying to reduce.

Remember it’s all about trying to reduce stress response to food and eating and not being perfect – perfectionism is very stressful on the psyche and physical body and often comes with control issues. So this is another area to work on.

As I mentioned before your cholesterol/saturated fat intake might be too low. Cholesterol is the pre-cursor for the production of pregnenolone, which goes on to become estrogen, progesterone, etc.  

This fear of cholesterol needs to go! Their is good cholesterol (HDL) and bad cholesterol (LDL) yes, so cutting or avoiding cholesterol  does not help to keep the bad cholesterol down, no!

By getting good cholesterol like from egg yolks, you then can lower the bad cholesterol. I’ve seen it with blood tests – by eating whole eggs, people in fact see their bad cholesterol lowered and the good cholesterol rose.

Of course you need to cool it on the exercise and make sure you’re not doing high intensity workouts that leave you feeling stressed out, exhausted and dreading your form of exercise.

Otherwise it’s again too stressful and not healthy anymore.

Remember, health and fitness is not a look it’s a feeling.

-> If you’re doing it for the abs, or strict vanity purposes solely because you hate yourself and hate your body and don’t value or respect yourself or know your worth as a human beyond your body or beyond sexualizing yourself for attention and love… this is unhealthy relationship with exercise.

-> If you’re doing it because you have the energy and desire to move the body in your form of fitness without guilt or shame or body hate driving you, this is healthy relationship with exercise

Again, stress and cortisol, not eating, and over exercising… Hypothyroidism can be, but not always of course, directly caused from malnutrition and lowering of the metabolism which the thyroid gland is connected to the metabolism.

Low metabolism > means low hormones production > which means low glandular function > which are the thyroid gland, adrenal glands, reproductive glads etc.

High estrogen, but also low hormones in general, is a common problem among people who don’t meet their nutrient needs, as we see in common diet trends that are restrictive in their nature out their today.

Long periods without eating creates a stress reaction in the body – elevated stress hormones and long-term of not enough kcals, macros, micros can significantly impact your thyroid conversion and progesterone production, which naturally oppose estrogen.

Having a healthy amount of body fat is essential to having healthy balanced hormone production.

If you’re at too low of a BMI, or body fat % for YOUR body type, then your hormones will remain all out of wack, and it’ll be hard, if not impossible, to get your period back.

Especially as females, even though we live in a world that now even females want to be very masculine physically, it’s not natural, and long term as a lot of us have seen, it’s not healthy for our physiology, biologically speaking.

To have a healthy reproductive system (which is controlled and stimulated by hormones), having healthy body fat is essential, or else the body will sense it’s not in a healthy enough state to make reproduction a priority but rather turn off reproduction as a conservation mechanism in order for survival.

The body will turn the energy focus into finding an abundance of energy which is food.

This is why once we consistently feed ourselves the starch and fat and protein and enough food in diet recovery, eventually we get our period back and we see other systems begin to slowly heal and work properly again.

So if you mentally think “oh a BMI of 19 or 20 is healthy for me so I don’t need to gain more,” but you still don’t have your period or your hair is still falling out or you have other signs of impaired hormone production such as infertility and low libido, it’s probably because your body’s like – “yea no, we need to be at a BMI of like 25 or even higher for a temporary time in overshoot in diet recovery, or more or less permanently” depending on your body and your past and present of what you’ve done and what you’re currently doing with your diet as well as exercise, sleep, stress, genetics amongst other things.

If you have a hard time letting go of the identity of the ultra lean, ripped or skinny body that brought you misery, yes, this can be the hardest part of recovering but it can be lifesaving and I have other videos on how I dealt with the weight gain on my youtube channel (you can click here).

Because a lot of why people are stuck in that pseudo recovery is because they can’t let go of and deal with their body changing or deal with the grief of their old malnourished body… even if they know it’s what they need for their health and future quality of life. So if you need help on this be sure to check out these other resources.

I truly believe, it’s not “too late” to heal or get your life back.

I believe the body is very resilient and when provided with the right level of environmental support, it can spring back from A LOT.

As for the mental side of things, I too believe it’s not too late to change the bad habits behaviors and mindsets. You can create the resilience and motivation you need for yourself in order to recover.

Because it takes both mental, physical and emotional resilience to get to where you want to be.

Healing takes time and that amount of time is dependent on how many years someone has spent not providing their body what it needs.

And I will note that as your hormones continue to heal, so will your hunger and satiety signals.

So if you’re worried about when your hunger is going to die down or when you’re satiety is going to become more present or pronounced again, just know that as you’re working to heal your overall hormones, so will your hunger and satiety hormones also heal.

Because these cues are fueled from hormones – Ghrelin and leptin, hunger and full hormones.

Now, real quick, I want to acknowledge a question I got about understanding all and every step and process in recovery –

“Is it necessary to get wrapped up in all of micro details of every step and process that occurs during hormonal healing right now or are these things that research shows will sort themselves out if we are just patient, rest, and eat? I’d love for you to do a video on this!

Pretty much yea, in the beginning I can see from personal experience how it can be helpful to get caught up in the research of WHY: ie, what’s happening during healing and during recovery, but after a while it can be more stressful than anything to have to understand and know the WHY to everything at all times.

And what’s the biggest detriment to the body? Negative stress. And this can easily turn into an obsessive compulsion to have to understand every minute thing and if you don’t understand exactly what’s happening or” if and when” things will pass, then you can’t endure it or you can’t carry on with recovery and you cannot trust in the process and you have a panic attack!

Instead, at some point the best thing to do is let go of trying to understand and in a sense, control, every freakin thing and just let it be – just let go and let the body do its thing while you eat to satisfaction of what you crave and desire, rest and chillax, work on self acceptance, work on reconnecting with your true self and passions and what brings you adventure, sense of fulfillment, and self love.


Kayla Rose

Holistic Nutritionist

P.S. I’m hosting a free masterclass specifically for people who want to stop feeling obsessed around food and truly heal their metabolism and you’re invited! Click here to sign up.



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